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Soviet army RF radiation protective suit

Soviet army RF radiation protective suit

Unique, authentic and unusual Red Army protective suit.
Protective overalls for shielding the range of 30 Mhz-30Hz(wave length from 10m to 0.01m(1cm)), radiation attenuation 20-40dB.
Purposed for protection from RF radiation when installing and working with mobiles and Wi-Fi repeaters and equipment.
Also meant to be used when being present within the territory of objects with high level of radiation and electromagnetic fields, within the zones of aviation work, dispatching and military ratiocinating stations with radio engineering means, within radio research laboratories, and finally when working with other VHF, UHF, and SHF radiating devices.

On Halloween, this extraordinary costume will bring delight to others! Metallic (brass) oval grid located in front of the mouth makes this costume really unique, interesting and scary.

Also fitting for hunters, fishermen, beekeepers, and tourists as it gives protection from blood-sucking insects, ticks; it has a good masking characteristics.
Fabric doesn't rustle when moving.
The fabric included in this costume are made from high strength cotton breathable fabric, reinforced with copper micro-wire (for protection from electromagnetic radiation).
Framed hoodie and mask with protective glasses (transparent glass with screen plating of Tin Oxide) allows you to conveniently observe and does not worsen visual and acoustic perception of the environment, but gives protection from various insects.
Perfect product for a long lasting hunting session as mosquitoes, midges and other forest insects will not interfere. Even if you missed the shot on an animal, it will drop dead the moment it sees your costume!
Perfectly fitting for beekeeping, because no matter how aggressive the bee is, it will not be able to sting you!
If needed, the zipper on the hoodie unzips and the hoodie can be easily rested on the back not making you experience the discomfort.
All zippers in a suit are made of stainless steel.They are exactly the same as in special altitude-compensating military pilots' overalls.
This overalls are also perfect for making sniper camouflage suits on the basis of his type "Leshy", "Ghillie".
Perfectly suits for a team game of Paintball.

Manufactured in 1988

Comes with everything as pictured
Protective shoes are worn over the usual shoes.


This item ships directly from Russia.

Please read Shipping Policies and Terms for the orders shipped from Russia before placing the order!

Size 48-3 fits a person 5'6" (167cm) -5'8" (173 cm) tall, 32" (81 cm) -38" (96 cm) chest, 32" (81 cm)-36" (91 cm) waist.

Size 50-4 fits a person 5'8" (173 cm) -5'10" (178 cm) tall, 38" (96 cm) -43" (110 cm) chest, 36"(91 cm) -40" (102 cm) waist.

Size 52-5 fits a person 5'10" (178 cm) -6'0" (182 cm) tall, 43" (110 cm) -47" (120 cm) chest, 38" (96 cm) -43" (110 cm) waist.

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