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Snow and Steel by Joe Cowles and Dan Ross

Snow and Steel by Joe Cowles and Dan Ross

"I think it is a "must read" for all military history aficionados as well as anyone who enjoys an action-packed and compelling story."

— Dr. Keith A. Nelson, Author of Shadow Tracker

"On June 22, 1941 Adolf Hitler and the German High Command send over four and a half million men into the Soviet Union, and on August 23rd, 1941, the first Germans of the sixth army reach the city of Stalingrad.
They become bogged down for months in the rubble of the city, stymied as much by the harsh winter as the blood and sacrifice of the Russian people. Armies clash amongst the few terrified civilians who survived the initial German onslaught. Inside this frozen hell of bombed out buildings and rubble strewn streets, soldiers fight and die with the ferocity of animals. Only a trickle of food and ammunition, a flood of fragile bodies and a resolute determination to resist can safeguard the rest of the nation from the Nazi jackboot.
Adrift in this sea of chaos in the brutal winter of 1942, Private Ivan Petrov of the second squad, 115th rifle company, fights to save the lives of loved ones, friends, comrades… and perhaps if he‘s lucky, himself. Greatly outnumbered, under strength, and woefully unsupplied, Ivan is tasked to beat back the Nazi threat or die trying. In a world that could come to a crashing end any second, these Red soldiers fight with everything they have left: Cunning, Bravery, and Determination.
And as it turns out, that just might be enough . . ."

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Snow and Steel book

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